Blackjack, Roulette and Online Casinos

A casino is usually a place for gambling. Casinos are frequently constructed near or adjacent to popular hotels, tourist resorts, restaurants, cruise ships, shopping malls, and other recreational facilities. Some casinos are also famous for hosting live entertainment, including live shows, stand-up comedy, music, concerts, and sporting events. However, not everyone can afford to get in on some of these high-rollers’ fun. That’s why there are lots of small-scale, family-friendly Casinos that cater mainly to kids, families, teens, and young people who just want to play some poker and eat some popcorn.


Every Casino needs its own security force – the casino security personnel known as the “guards” or “fencers”. These men and women serve to keep the gambler, the guest, the shopkeeper, the vendor, the visitor, the mechanic, and anyone else who might be inside the casino premises, safe from any possible harm. They make their living by coming up with methods to discourage potential crimes, which makes them the perfect complements to the Casino’s security forces. They serve as the first line of defense for the Casinos, protecting against any violence or theft that may occur within the property of the Casino.

Casinos employ hundreds of security guards, security officers, bouncers, dealers, managers, waiters/waitresses, busboys, maintenance people, office workers, and even casino guests and visitors (known as “dealtas”). Casinos have unique security measures like nocturnal guard duty, night crawlers, secretarial services, bulletproof vests, gating and parking lot security, twenty-four hour patrol, and twenty-four hour surveillance. The security forces are also responsible for making sure no one enters the casino after hours, no one enters or leaves the property without permission, no person disturbs the slot machines, no slot player ever crosses the casino lines, no live show cart is removed from the property, no live show is conducted while the casino is open, and no live shows are filmed for replay on the casino property. All of these measures were put in place so that the Casinos can be assured of their guests safety. If the guests and visitors were allowed to leave the property when they wanted, there would be nothing stopping a thief or a bandit from breaking into the Casinos and stealing the customers’ identity, their money, or their lives.

Native Americans believe that the placement of the four flags (red for gambling, yellow for honor, white for justice, and green for loyalty) on the roof of the Casinos are meant to communicate to the guest that there is money on the site, that there is danger (potential for crime), and that something may be taking place that requires the presence of a Casino. Since the placement of these flags was placed on the roof, this was the best location for gambling, because it was well hidden and out of sight. The Casinos did not place these flags in order to advertise, they simply placed them so that if a Native American should happen to wander by, they would know that some money is being played, that some crime is going on, and that something may not happen at the Casinos. This is all that the Native Americans were trying to communicate to the visitors, that some things on the site may be dangerous, but that the safest thing to do was just to stay and enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere.

In addition to the safety measures, the Casinos also placed lots of other warning devices on the property. At the entrance to the casino, the guest would be asked if they had any bags or backpacks, then the Porters at the entrance would check those items for any monetary value and whether they were legal. Then, the Porters would hand the bags to the casino patrons who had proof that they owned the items in the backpacks. These steps are meant to discourage patrons from taking advantage of others by stealing money or causing damage to the slots machines.

There are still many people that claim that the placing of blackjack and roulette symbols on the Internet websites and flashy online casinos is not the same as placing real money on the Casino tables. However, one could argue that it is just adding more realism to the Casinos online and off-line. No matter what happens, the Casinos will always be around. For gamblers who have a chance at winning real money, they should always give it a try.