Computer Games For Preschoolers

Games are enjoyable games. They may sound random, like simple card games, or complicated, like backgammon or chess. However, they actually are games chosen for their simplicity and enjoyment. Even children love playing simple games. The best way to teach kids about the basics of math is to teach them to play games of basic skill sets.


The best way to learn math is to play educational computer games that teach young students basic skills like addition, subtraction and multiplication. Math skills develop through interactive play. You may be familiar with the game called ‘Odd blocks’. In this game, a square contains an odd number of different colored blocks, and a student must enter the square and get as many correct answers as possible by matching the numbers correctly to the patterns on the board.

You can also play GAMES involving story lines. esame Street has a character called Miss Halp. The viewer watches as she teaches math to preschoolers using a series of fun games featuring this theme. For example, one game shows Miss Halp wanting to know how many pairs there are among some boxes. The first person to know how many pairs is the winner.

You can teach your child how to count by using GAMES involving a child’s counting skills. Games like Add and Subtract can help your child develop counting skills. The child finds a number from a slot machine and calls out a number that is on the red square. The child then adds up all the numbers that are on the red square until he gets to twenty.

Computer games that incorporate math are a great way to motivate young children to learn addition, subtraction and multiplication. Many of these games have a logical sequence to match the addition, subtraction and multiplication tables that are included in the lesson plan. For instance, you might start with a game where you add up all the numbers from one to twenty and then compare the results. The next addition is the sum of the first twenty. The games can be used in addition to teacher aides or alone.

Some computer games can be played by using a mouse or keyboard. For those who enjoy playing games with a keyboard, you can find games available for both the computer and the keyboard. There are also computer games that have puzzles as well as game themed activities. These activities can be used with or without a lesson plan. These types of activities will allow your child’s mind to work at a faster rate than a teacher aide could ever do.